Smruti Lane

Destination Photoshoot Studio

Embark on an enchanting journey through life’s unforgettable moments, where each milestone becomes a timeless treasure to cherish. We are thrilled to introduce the enchanting realm of our newest photoshoot sanctuary nestled in Pune. Behold Smruti Lane Studio, where creativity knows no bounds amidst 25+ captivating backdrops.

It’s a photographer’s utopia, where every frame captures the essence of celebration and joy. From the tender glow of maternity shoots to the tender embrace of pre-wedding bliss, from the warmth of family portraits to the avant-garde allure of high fashion editorials, our sets cater to every occasion.

Step into a world where modern sophistication meets timeless elegance, where sprawling spaces adorned with contemporary decor offer endless possibilities. Whether you seek the allure of traditional charm or the allure of western opulence, our indoor and outdoor sets are meticulously crafted to bring your vision to life. And for the convenience of models and clients alike, we boast multiple dressing rooms adorned with every amenity imaginable.


At Smruti Lane Studio, we don’t just capture moments; we craft everlasting memories that transcend time. Come, let us paint the canvas of your dreams amidst the breathtaking vistas of Pune’s premier destination photoshoot location.

Whether you crave portraiture, product photography, or editorial brilliance, our studio offers tailored spaces to ignite your creativity. Let our expert team ensure a seamless photoshoot, whether for personal milestones or commercial projects. Discover inspiration at Smruti Lane and make every frame a masterpiece.


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