Terms and Conditions

General Terms

  • Entry in Smrutilane premises would be permitted only after sharing the booking details generated by the website.
  • Since the studio is out of the city area it is recommended to get your private vehicle, as Ola/Uber may drop you to the studio but you may not get it on the way back.
  • Since the studio is in a remote area, only the Jio network works well.
  • At the studio, all the payments are to be made in cash. We don’t have card payment or online payment facility at the studio.
  • Booking done at Smrutilane is on a sharing basis. There will be other shoots going on simultaneously. Co operative behaviour and moral ethics are expected to enable everyone to get the desired results.
  • You can enter 30 minutes prior for check-in. To enable you to start your shoot in time and the registration procedure and to get the possession of the make up room.
  • The client must ensure that his own public liability insurance is operative for all persons in the studio during the hours of use, to cover any accident, injury or death.
  • The client must ensure that all persons under the age of 18 have parents’ or guardian’s permission to be at the studio, for the purposes of the photography or filming, during the period of studio hire.
  • Number of people coming for the shoot must be informed during check-in. This will help us make arrangements accordingly.
  • One single make-up room is to be provided for the entire team.
  • Visit to Smrutilane is permitted by prior appointment only.
  • Any parking at Smrutilane’s premises is at the user’s own risk and Smrutilane accepts no responsibility for theft, damage or any other loss occasioned to vehicles parked on its premises.
  • Smrutilane reserve the right to use the data shot by photographer/ Cinematographer as a promotional tool for the location awareness through online marketing and print.
  • All additional services provided at Smrutilane (exclusive to the booking cost) like Make-up artists, food, outfit rentals and Ironing of clothes, are through third party vendors and bought in only for the convenience of the client. All communication with regards to the same needs to be done directly with the third party vendor. Any issues or dissatisfaction felt by the client needs to be communicated with the direct vendor as Smrutilane is not responsible for the same.
  • Smrutilane will not be liable for any loss, theft or damage of any personal equipment, valuables or stuff. Responsibility of such stuff would be completely up to the client him/herself.
  • Clients use the studios and facilities entirely at their own risk.
  • The client expressly acknowledges and agrees that the studio is a workplace, and as such there will be items that could be dangerous if misused, handled or interfered with. Whilst Smrutilane will use its reasonable endeavors to ensure a safe environment within the studio, In case of natural calamities and unavoidable circumstances, Smrutilane reserves the rights to reschedule your booking as per the situation.
  • Third parties. A person who is not a party to the contract shall not have any rights to enforce its terms.
  • All contractual disputes or claims related to specific contracts are subject to Pune Jurisdiction only.
  • All clients must follow security regulations of Smrutilane.
  • The customer shall at all times keep Smrutilane indemnified against all charges & claims.

Booking and Payment Terms

  • All packages displayed on the website are excluding GST.
  • We accept Bookings only through our website. A booking is considered confirmed once we receive the booking amount of INR 3000 (excluding GST) payment.
  • In case you are unable to book online please contact us on 9970015290.
  • Booking amount is non-refundable.
  • All bookings are taken on a sharing basis. We generally have 5-6 shoots per day..
  • Balance of the package amount is advanced at the time of check in.
  • Security deposit is Mandatory. It has to be paid in cash & is refundable on completion of the shoot.
  • Booking can be rescheduled, if you inform us 72 hours prior to your shoot.
  • In case your team is bigger than the permissible limit, you need to inform us in advance.
  • Pre wedding / Maternity packages are meant only for one couple shoot. if there is an extra couple shoot, you need to pay 50% additional of the package amount.
  • Pre wedding/Maternity shoot has to be for one couple only. Family, friends or companions are not allowed to shoot. In such cases you are found doing that you need to pay an additional amount of INR 5000 for the same.
  • All the people accompanying you will be accounted for, that includes drivers, helpers, photographers, couple, family & friends, if the total count exceeds the number permissible then as per booking package, pay extra charges per person for the additional people.

Studio And Equipment Hire Terms

  • The client is supposed to use one set only for 30 minutes at a stretch as the studio is let out on a shared basis. In case, there is no other client waiting, you can continue using the set further.
  • All the equipment/props belong to Smrutilane and are not meant for personal use. Kindly return before leaving the premises.
  • The client cannot modify or alter or tamper with the placement of equipment/props in any way.
  • The client cannot use the equipment/props in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The equipment/props can not be used by any untrained or unauthorized personnel. If a client needs help with using equipment/props kindly reach out to Smrutilane Team.
  • Equipment/props must be returned promptly after use in the original condition.
  • The client can use the make-up rooms, relaxation areas and other communal areas only during the hire period. The client shall ensure that such areas are used respectfully and left clean and tidy after use.
  • The client will be liable and charged for the costs of cleaning, replacing or repairing any damage resulting from any misuse, damage or neglect of these areas.
  • All vehicles like cars, cycles, etc are for shooting only and only couples and artists can use it and the usage time for each vehicle per shift shall be maximum 30 minutes only. After the usage time is over, it must be returned to the Smrutilane concerned staff. Additional usage time shall be chargeable as per Smrutilane’s rule.
  • All props & vehicles shall be provided subject to their working condition and availability. Under unforeseen circumstances like damage, technical malfunction/ fuel unavailability, Smrutilane is not bound to provide them for shoot.
  • Any machines (Fog/ snow/ bubble) or any other equipment like light etc. may not be available in case of breakdown/ repair/ maintenance. Smrutilane will not be responsible for unavailability of such equipment and no complaints or payment deductions shall be accepted in such circumstances.
  • Any samples, drawings, descriptive matter or advertising on Smrutilane’s website, and any descriptions or illustrations contained in Smrutilane’s catalogues or brochures, are issued or published for the sole purpose of giving an approximate idea of the sets described in them. They shall not form part of the contract or have any contractual force.
  • Clients are permitted to use a single set at a time. Multiple sets can not be used simultaneously.
  • Sets for Textile related themes, when in use by ‘Textile shoot Photographer’, cannot be used simultaneously by any other pre-wedding or other photography shoots. You need to wait for your turn till the set is vacant.
  • Pre-wedding and other Non-textile shoot clients (Photographer), may be allowed to use ‘Textile theme’ sets if they are unoccupied/ un-booked for a maximum period of 30 minutes only subject to availability of that particular set.
  • Clients (Photographers) who have booked for Textile theme shoots can use only one set at a time with advance prior notice of time required for a particular theme set shoot.
  • Rest rooms and make up rooms are to be used during shift time only. Prior check-in will not be allowed before shift time mentioned in your package. 

Breakages, Losses And Damages

  • The client hiring the studio is responsible for all breakages, losses or damages caused to the studio or equipment by him/her, or any other person, during the use of the studio.
  • All equipment and services are supplied by Smrutilane entirely at the risk of the client. Smrutilane shall not be liable for any loss or damage to materials or props or equipment, including consequential loss and loss of profit however caused, arising out of the use or the inability to use the equipment supplied or agreed to be supplied.
  • No alterations, decorations or additions to the studio are permitted without the written consent of Smrutilane.
  • The client shall pay any costs incurred by Smrutilane arising out of any breach of these conditions.
  • The client must notify Smrutilane at the time of supply if the condition of the equipment is not acceptable.
  • Smrutilane shall not be liable to the client for any loss, damage, expense, or for any consequential loss (including loss of profit) whatsoever or howsoever arising out of or in connection with any of the following: any damage to or loss of property by the Client or the Clients servants or agents or any third party; any breakdown, stoppage or failure of the facilities and equipment provided in the studio or any other equipment supplied to the client by Smrutilane.
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